Feb 052014

Followers of gaming news related to Hatsune Miku may recognize MikuMiku Hockey, an Augmented Reality game for Vita. It was publicly demoed in early 2013, and later made available for free… As long as you were a PlayStation Plus member on the Japanese PlayStation Network.

Those who were hoping for a public release of the game may be somewhat in luck. The game is getting a version 2.0 upgrade with a number of new features, and will be available to all Japanese PSN members for 1,000 Yen starting on February 13th. If you are a PSN Plus member, you can download the game between February 6th and 12th for just 500 Yen.

Game Features List:

  • Single Player Mode, or watch two Miku models play against each other.
  • Multiplayer over AdHoc.
  • More outfit choices, including Snow Miku 2014.
  • New scoring/ranking system.
  • Analog control is now available.
  • Blow up Miku’s model to “life size”.

A PDF for the AR marker can be found on the game’s website.

Also in today’s news is an announcement by SEGA that gives us a somewhat better idea of the launch date for Project Diva f (Vita) for North America and Europe: Sometime in March 2014.

Not much has changed from what I previously announced, other than the optional DLC is now confirmed to be available at launch. Both SONY and SEGA have uploaded a new announcement trailer for this release.

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