Aug 272014

If you’ve been following Vocaloid music long enough (or dug deep enough), then some of you may remember the popular classic 3DPV for the song “Innocence”, which was created in 2008 using 3DCG software other than MikuMikuDance. One interesting aspect of the video was how Hatsune Miku was using a sort of touch screen synthesizer, held like a guitar.

The design inpired many artists to create various fan art, including Tripshots. The instrument is simply known as the “unknown music device” or “that instrument”. Below is the original 3DPV, where the instrument can be seen.

A Vocaloid fan and creator named Ma Shigure on Nicovideo has recreated the instrument in real life. In the video, Shigure shows the creation process, which used components that are freely available on the market, should anyone else also be interested in creating one. It is the first self-contained replica to offer completely dynamic output, instead of pre-programmed functions. Pretty amazing replica, I think.

The demo video below uses the instrumental for “Innocence”. The on-vocal and off-vocal versions can both be downloaded for free from KazuP’s Piapro.

Via Mikustream

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