May 182015

Since last year we’ve been waiting eagerly to see the next destination for Miku Expo, and the announcement finally came. The next Hatsune Miku Expo destination has been settled on Shanghai, China via SCLA, with more detailed information to arrive at later date.

This comes as a surprising and uplifting news, as China has been known for their bans/restrictions*. Including the Symphony IHATOV with Tomita Isao on May 20th, Miku will visit China twice this year. For information on the symphony performance please refer to our previous article

*Current Chinese laws ban Japanese animation with the following themes: Homosexuality, sexual, Porn, Violence, Dark-Side Heroic, and Anti-government. Many Hatsune Miku songs can fall into these categories. For this reason, many Chinese fans find the possibility of a live Hatsune Miku concert in mainland China to be nearly impossible.

A fresh and unique song selection can likely be expected for Miku Expo in Shanghai.

EDIT: Now officially announced with two-hour concert, as well as surprise(s), along with an exhibition area of 800 square meters via Miku Expo on weibo. Promotional poster and Miku QR code also released. Official website:

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