Mar 152015

If you’ve been wanting to enjoy the Snow Miku version of Rohto’s Digi-Eye augmented reality app, but was unable to buy the product for the AR box, we finally have good news! Rohto has released the box art PDF files, so everyone with the app can enjoy it!

The app was originally created to showcase a small AR live performance featuring the song “Burenai ai de” by Mitchie M, and was more recently updated to add a “hidden” Snow Miku version for people that purchased the special “right eye” version package of the Digi-Eye product. The song also recently got a special 4K resolution music video:

To download the PDF files, simply visit Rohto’s special Digi-Eye AR page, and scroll down to the PDF download section:

The Digi-Eye AR app is available internationally on iOS, but is Japan-only for the Android version. Below is a small image gallery, and the tweet of Rohto’s release announcement.

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