May 112015

The highly popular DigiEye Augmented Reality app from Rohto is now officially available worldwide on both the iTunes and Android app stores, and with a newly implemented English interface! The on-screen lyrics for Mitchie M’sBurenai Ai De” are also available English lyrics.

Official DigiEye Project Demo Video

Previously, the app was available internationally only on the iTunes store (with a Japanese-only interface), and locked to Japan for the Android version. With this restriction lifted, now anyone can easily enjoy the AR live performance features of the app.

Simply install the app to your device (yes, it’s free!), and download/print the AR marker (required if you do not own the DigiEye product package). Use the “left eye” version PDF to enjoy the the show with Miku in her original outfit, and any of the two “right eye” version PDFs for the Snow Miku version of the performance (music also changes slightly).

Links to download the app and marker PDF files can be found from the official Rohto DigiEye AR Live website:

Screenshot of AR LIVE performance with English lyrics.

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