May 032015

Hatsune Miku waving to viewers during Virtual Reality event at Niconico Chokaigi

Rohto’s Digi-Eye booth at the recent Niconico Chokaigi event was a large one, and it attracted many viewers due it’s unique large-scale virtual reality attraction featuring Hatsune Miku and Oculus Rift. Titled “Hatsune Miku VR LIVE -ALIVE-“, the event was announced as the largest-of-it’s-kind virtual reality gathering, which allowed 10 simultaneous viewers.

The largely popular Japanese video blog channel “KazuChannel” has shared his experience of the VR event on YouTube.

Teased at the end of the video was a special Rohto Digi-Eye version of the new HACOSCO VR Headset, a simple cardboard-based headset that allows you to turn most smartphones into a virtual reality device. The headset makes use of its own free app for Android and iOS, and even features its own mobile version of “Hatsune Miku VR LIVE -ALIVE-“!

The headset itself is available from Amazon Japan and various book stores in Japan for 1000 Yen ($8.30 USD), so acquiring the headset from overseas may be somewhat difficult. A video showing how to assemble and use your HACOSCO VR headset is available below. Via MikuStream

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