May 152014

Less than a day is left before the winning design is chosen for the 2015 Snow Miku and her pet rabbit Yukine, and the 4 finalists from the Piapro collaboration have finally been chosen. Just like last year, Good Smile Company will be hosting a live stream event on Nicovideo where fans can cast their votes to help decide the next Snow Miku outfit. The theme for 2015 Snow Miku is “Hokkaido in Winter”, and needed to include elements of Hokkaido winter plants.

To participate, catch the live stream starting May 16th at 7:00 PM JST (clock here). When you see the images of the designs shown on screen, click your favorite to cast your vote (the video interacts to user input). The Snow Miku and Yukine designs with the most votes will be chosen for next year, so choose wisely!

Stream Link:

There may be some wait time for the voting process to begin, as Good Smile Company also plans to announce new Hatsune Miku related products, as well as news regarding he upcoming Magical Mirai concert events in Osaka and Tokyo.

Snow Miku 2015 Finalists

1: “snowmiku” by Kise:
2: “Snow Miku in Summer” by Imoko Chuko:
3: “Winter Bell” by Anmitsu:
4: “Snow Miku 2015” by Taran:


Rabbit Yukine 2015 Finalists

1: “2015 Rabbit Yukine” by Daida:
2: “Gentle Yukine” by Magu:
3: “Lily of the Valley Yukine” by Hayuki:
4: “Flower Lace Yukine” by Yuna:

Via and Kahotan’s Blog

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