Jun 042008

This post is to inform you that Mikufan.com will be moving to a new server within the next few weeks. The move should go smooth and we do not expect any noticeable downtime. Now on to some more important news!

The Hatsune Miku T-Shirt raffle will finally have the results and winners announced soon. I had some technical problems due to the lack of a working printer and had to think of a different but equally fair method of doing the raffle. Regarding the raffle a lot of people had been asking where one can buy the Hatsune Miku shirts. To clear some things up I have added a Hatsune Miku product page, which you can find in the top navigation menu.

Also, we are still looking for help regarding one or more new sister sites! If you interested in the other Vocaloid characters like the Kagamine twins or Kaito and would be willing to write about them in a similar style to Mikufan.com, please contact us directly at info@[nospam]mikufan.com! Obviously remove the [nospam] part.

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