Jul 072015


My visit to AX this year was seemingly less exciting this year compared to previous years (now having attended for 5 years), largely in part to the notable lack on Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku content to enjoy (the primary focus of this site, of course). That being said, I tried to cover as much of the event as I physically could by myself. This is my experiences and impressions of AX 2015, and Gallery Nucleus.

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Jun 272015


With two major nearby events coming up, I’d like to announce MikuFan’s return to Anime Expo in Los Angeles, as well as a visit to the Hatsune Miku art exhibition at Gallery Nucleus. The head writer (myself) be attending both events from July 2nd until July 5th, although I’ll be arriving on Day 0 (July 1st) if you want to catch me early.

What do I mean by “catch”? Similar to last year, I’ll be hosting a small goods giveaway event (the prizes of which are secret) by tweeting hints of my location at random times, and what I’m wearing (will always be a Miku shirt of some variety). If you’d like to win one of these prizes, or just say hello, follow @jrharbort on twitter to catch location hints, or even just to keep up with live Vocaloid related news at the events.

I’ll also be attending the announced IA concert, and look forward to meeting fans at that event as well. See you guys next week!