Aug 292016

The full commercial from Lux’s previous teaser announcement is now online! In this video, we finally get to hear the entirety of Mitchie M‘s song, Future Overture (Lux Ver.). There’s also a guest appearance by Scarlett Johansson with a special message for Hatsune Miku.

With twintails as grand as Hatsune Miku’s, it would take some pretty serious hair care products to keep it all polished and straight, but Lux feels confident their products are up to the challenge. It’s also one of the few times we get to see Miku with her hair let down. Check out the official video below!



Aug 182016


Are you a user of Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe’s Creative Cloud services and products? A newly announced tutorial campaign in collaboration with Hatsune Miku was just announced by Adobe to help with image editing basics and how-to’s.

“Project #1” of the collab features artwork by the popular illustrator zerokichi, and teaches how to give images more perspective through the use of blurring effects. A free download of the PSD is available for this tutorial, along with a free trial of Adobe Photoshop from the links below.

Adobe Creative Cloud site:
Project #1 Page:

Adobe’s announcement video (below) hints that at least a few more project will be released in this collaboration (likely by TNSK and MONQ), so keep an eye out for it!

Aug 102016


Unique and stylistic silver jewelry with a Hatsune Miku theme? Artemis Kings, a Japanese jewelry maker, has made just that in a recent collaboration to create a set of themed rings and pendants. The metal of each piece is made using high quality 925 sterling silver, and epoxy resin for color. They go on sale on Rakuten’s global shop later today, although individual country availability is unknown at this time.

EDIT: Artemis Rings responded to our inquiry and informed us the rings are for sale only in Japan. Friends or proxies will be needed for these.

The hair pin motif ring is the first item in the collab, inspired by the design of Hatsune Miku’s hairbands, with a small cubic zirconia gem and epoxy resin paint. It comes in sizes 7~29 (Japan sizes, odd numbers only), and is priced at 12,960 Yen ($128 USD).

The second ring is the college-style ring featuring a large turquoise gem made of cubic zirconia. It comes in the same sizes as the last ring (7~29 Japan sizes, odd numbers only), and is priced at 16,200 Yen ($160 USD).

The first pendant of the collab is a medal-style necklace with blue epoxy resin, with chain lengths of 45, 60 and 70cm. It’s priced at 12,960 Yen ($128 USD). The last pendant is a 2-ring style necklace with a cubic zirconia stone and epoxy resin paint, and a chain in 45, 50 and 60cm length options. It’s priced at 14,040 Yen ($139 USD).

Availability of these items is unknown, so take care in deciding if you want to add these unique silver accessories to your collection! Here’s a useful ring size conversion chart for those unfamiliar with Japanese sizes:


May 112016

The Hatsune Miku x Sony Xperia collaboration teased at the Nico Chokaigi event last April had many people curious. Was there going to be a new Miku edition phone? Why was Miku wearing red headphones? All we were asked to do was wait… So wait we did, and Sony finally announced the project today: A new exclusive ringtone music campaign for Sony Xperia device owners!

Campaign Site:

If you use a Sony Xperia device, you can use it to access the special collaboration site, where you can download full versions of new original songs by 17 Vocaloid producers, with a promise of new content added every Wednesday for a “limited time”. Short previews are played for non-Xperia users. Please note that this campaign is currently available only to Xperia devices operating within Japan. However, this may expand to gobal Xperia devices sometime soon, according to Crypton Future Media’s Wat.

Producer List For First 17 Songs
01. Colate
02. dezzy
03. とあ
04. でか大
05. 整列P
06. Eight
07. ねじ式
08. ゆずひこ
09. ちばけんいち
10. Diarays
11. ちんたら
12. add9
13. 黒魔
14. L75-3
15. mint*
17. tilt-six

The promotional video below features a remix of VOICES by Callasoiled, and voice acting by none other than Fujita Saki herself, the voice provider of Hatsune Miku’s Vocaloid software.

Apr 142016


Is it just me, or does each Snow Miku design collaboration seem start earlier every year? Regardless, if you’ve wanted to try your hand at contributing a design idea for official Snow Miku 2017 and/or Rabbit Yukine adoption, now’s your chance!

Between now and May 11th at 5:00 PM JST, illustrators and fans alike can pitch their design ideas for Snow Miku 2017, her pet rabbit Yukine, or both! The theme for Snow Miku 2017 is “Starry Sky/Image of constellation in a Hokkaido Winter Night“! By that logic, Winter Night Miku would have been perfect for this…

How To Submit

To submit your Snow Miku or Rabbit Yukine designs, please make sure to have an account registered on Next, create your Snow Miku design in nendoroid form! You can use this provided template, if needed. Rabbit Yukine illustrations are completely freeform.

Start the submission process by clicking “新規投稿” from the top menu of, or by clicking here. After uploading your design, please add these tags to your artworks, and be sure to lock the tags! Locking the tags is very important for the submission process.

If uploading Snow Miku 2017 design art, use this link and then lock the tag when completed:年雪ミク衣装

If uploading Rabbit Yukine 2017 design art, use this link and then lock the tag when completed:年ユキネ衣装

After you’ve completed the above, that’s it! The finalist designs will be chosen by Good Smile Company, and there will be a community web vote for the winning designs later in May 2016. The first prototypes using the new design will be revealed at Magical Mirai 2016 between September 9th~11th. If you’d like to view the current art submissions, you can do so from these pages:

> Snow Miku 2017 design submissions
> Rabbit Yukine design submissions

Stay tuned for further updates!