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From July 26th until August 19th at 10:00 AM JST, Piapro will be hosting a community collaboration to produce downloadable content for Hatsune Miku’s Vocaloid3 and Piapro Studio software. The contest is designed to allow artists to create custom image icons for each of Hatsune Miku’s Japanese V3 vocal types in Piapro Studio, as well as custom sample/preview tracks of the voice banks.

The DLC will be optional downloads provided for free to users of Piapro Studio to allow a little customization in how the program looks and sounds.

Section A of the artist collaboration calls for illustrations to be used as Miku’s image icons in Piapro Studio. Submissions are simple, and must follow these guidelines:

1: The illustration of Miku must be 880x880px and jpg format, as seen in this image. Depending on how it’s used, the image may be shrunk as small as 55x55px. Keep this in mind when drawing your illustration.

2: The illustration must use headphones like the ones pictured in rule #1. Drawing them yourself is fine, but make sure to use the ones pictured for reference.

3: Submit your illustration to piapro with the tag “ミクV3_A” (copy and paste without quotes), and make sure the tag remains locked.

Section B of the artist collab is asking for vocal tracks to be featured as the short “sample” of Miku’s voice in Piapro Studio. This may be more difficult, since participation in this collab requires access to Miku’s software and a Vocaloid editor:

1: Create an audio track of Miku containing any short song or phrase of your own creation. The sample must be anywhere between 2~15 seconds in length.

2: Export your sample in VSQ/VSQX and MP3 with no external modifications or background music (instrumental).

3: Submit your MP3 to Piapro with the tag “ミクV3_B” (copy and paste without quotes), and make sure the tag remains locked. Also make sure to attach your VSQ/VSQX file to the submission by adding them to the “related data” folder.

The full event details can be read here, and full event rules can be found here. You may recall from the previous article how Crypton mentioned an upcoming collaboration that would interest overseas fans. I’m suspecting there will be a similar or identical collaboration for English Miku starting this weekend.

Via Piapro Blog

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