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This edition of the Producer of the Week review will feature a producer that focuses his music style on electronica. More specifically, the trance genre of music. Due to the constantly shifting attention and interests of the music market, and the huge popularity of Rock and Pop, the electronic side is often overlooked despite having some amazing sounding music. Aura Qualic continues to challenge this shift with his own unique styles.

Aura Qualic got his first start in the Vocaloid scene with the song “Unlimited Skies“. Originally published on October 7th, 2007, it was one of the very first songs uploaded under the genre “Miku Trance”, making him an innovator and inspiration in the genre for future producers. Fast forward to December 20th, 2008, and you’ll have one of his most iconic releases in history…

D.A.T.A. was released in two variants: An Electro Pop version and a Trance version. D.A.T.A. holds the record for the most remixed Vocaloid song in history thanks to the generous offer by A.Q. for the data of his song to be included in all installations of FL Studio, a popular music production application. Thanks to him, many musicians were introduced to Vocaloid. A quick search on soundcloud and YouTube will reveal several dozens of unique remix results.

In the year 2012, Aura Qualic teamed up with the music circle CC*=Style, a group that had previously focused on music related to Touhou. He contributed his own remix of “Piece Of” to the group’s first Vocaloid album, “Piece Of E.P.“, released at VOC@LOID M@STER 17.

Half a year later at Vom@s 19, Aura Qualic composed his own original song for the album “Armonia” titled “One Way“. The song itself is absolutely beautiful, and definitely worth a listen if you’ve not yet had the pleasure of experiencing it.

Moving ahead to Comiket 83 on December 31st, 2012, Aura Qualic had contributed two original songs to the album “DiSTANCE“: “PAGASA” and “Time of my Life“. While the first song has been uploaded to YouTube with a simple still image, the second track is currently undergoing a massive video project to create a PV like no other. The release wont be for several months due to the complexity and scale. It will be a cinematic styled video, and you can view the teaser for it here: [Link].

If you’re interested in this producer’s work, you can follow him at the links below:

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The upcoming PV for “Time of my Life” might sadly be A.Q’s last Vocaloid production, for various unknown reasons. Music production in the EDM scene can be difficult within Japan, especially as a Vocaloid producer. Aura Qualic once said “I’m not HSP, I’ll never be as popular as him”. Sadly, the same situation applies to quite a few other producers I know. So it’s my hope that more people will be able to hear and appreciate these works.

If you enjoyed these works and know anyone else who would also enjoy them, please do share this article to help more people become aware of this producer. Below is the video from his channel teasing the upcoming short film.

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