Apr 232012

Despite the success of my message regarding the “Save Miku” movement reaching hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, there’s still something that a lot of the fans want: An official word from Crypton themselves. This is understandable, so Scott from Mikustar.com and myself have both sent messages to Crypton to ask for confirmation on the matter. We have both received the same response via email.

“Regarding SAVE MIKU Movement, the deletion problem has been almost solved and we have nothing to announce so far.”

Now, before you jump to conclusions, this can mean a lot of things. Due to how this was a global issue that had to deal with individual country’s copyright laws, it’s possible that there has been a lot of communication and paperwork done over this. These things take a lot of time, even if the initial problem of the false claims has been stopped. I’ve yet to see any new videos vanish from my own playlists for some time now, so it’s now likely that they could simply be working to finish things up.

Crypton has the intention of making an announcement once everything has been settled. So keep cool and keep and eye out for that, and stay tuned!

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A Hatsune Miku fan since December 2007, jrharbort joined MikuFan.com as the Head Writer in October 2011, and enjoys sharing news with other fans around the world. You can follow him on Twitter at @jrharbort!

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  • IdkMyName

    good to know, also thank for stoping some of the “SAVE MIKU” messages.

  • Sam Yang

    I hope to hear of the news

  • sound only

    I’m lucky since I can read japanese. As far as I could find, Crypton unofficially commented, in short words, that “it’s an issue among uploader, claimer and Youtube; not our business” and “we have no contact with Mr./Ms. jrharbort”. Period. No one even witnessed an official statement from Crypton.

    By the way, all of us can not speculate a logic inside a brain of xx. Any effort to understand xx within your imagination will fail.

  • @sound only: … Because there hasn’t been one yet. Didn’t you read? They’re not going to discuss the contents of a private contact email. And of course it’s their business. Youtube is owned by Google, and Crypton is a close partner of Google. Crypton’s website Mikubook makes exclusive use of videos from youtube. If the videos from youtube are removed, it hurts Mikubook. Which in turn, hurts the business partnership. I’m not sure where you got your information. I contacted Crypton directly via mpsales@crypton.co.jp, and they responded in ENGLISH. Lastly, jrharbort is my screen name. That’s not my contact name. So of course they haven’t heard from a “Mr/Ms jrharbort”.

  • sound only

    I know, I know. Who use a screenname for serious communication? I never do. I was too cynical on that point, my apologize.

    I’m not complaining you about cessation. But I’m always wondering why people including you are expecting an “official” statement from Crypton about who and why. That’s not what they have to know. Anyway, question is left not answered but the case is over, and that’s OK for them. They have no merit of opening what they did. Who tells you everything done, or in-progress, or never be in-progress, with a risk of misunderstanding and widespreading? I never do.

    So, what I wanted to write were “do not involve Crypton in this issue from the user side” and “do not compel Crypton to say something you want to hear”. They will do anything anytime when necessary but they have no responsibility of satisfying us by answering the question.

    By the way, about the last sentence. Have you ever get mad with a person who did something out of your expectation? It’s what that about. The others have a different logical sense. It’s simple. Your logic seemed build upon a tight partnership among Google, Youtube and Crypton. Is that a rock solid fact? Your logic is possible but concluding tight partnership as a rock sold fact is your expectation. Maybe tight, maybe not really, and the fact is not in your brain but someone else.

  • @Sound Only: Yes, they are partners. I found one convenient article that links to several examples of proof of the partnership: http://www.vocaloidism.com/2012/03/11/google-starts-new-collaborative-project-with-miku/. Also, Crypton and Google place advertisements on many songs on youtube to generate ad revenue to help support the artists. I have adverts on some of my own videos as well. It’s really amazing how the whole thing works. And remember, I’m not the only one who contacted Crypton. Scott from Mikustar.com did as well.

  • Panda

    Mr. jrharbort, If @Sound Only is correct about Crypton’s opinion, how much did you confirm before writing?
    Do you know actual process and current aim of Save Miku project?
    Did you contacted any person related to Save Miku project before writing to confirm?
    Does Mikubook contains video re-uploaded without permission? If not many. They (Crypton and Google) may not need to worry.

  • @Panda: Yes, I do know the goal of the “Save Miku” project, but it was getting out of hand. And I didn’t need to contact anyone from the project, because I have something better. I’m friends with SeyrenLK, and I’m even an admin for his Facebook page (this guy: http://www.youtube.com/SeyrenLK). SeyrenLK is a former SEGA staff member, and he is also a Youtube partner with contacts from Crypton. I get my information from him. And as I said, I have not observed any videos being taken down for quite some time. It’s obvious that the situation is being handled. It’s pointless to argue this since Crypton said they will make an announcement soon. So lets just wait and see what they have to say.

  • Panda

    Mr. jrharbort, Since you know the current aim and goal of Save Miku, could you write OR copy the Website please?
    I heard before it was very different from the initial aim. You are nearly stopping Save Miku.
    Have you ever heard Japanese Save Miku has been heavily attacked by spam?
    I found http://www.facebook.com/SeyrenLK It is good. Did you make the page? Do you know his twitter or other site?
    I wonder if SeyrenLK is correct or @Sound Only is correct about Crypton’s opinion and info.

  • @Panda: Sure, but you’ll notice that the website has been inactive for over 3 months now: http://www.savemiku.com/save.html. I was trying to stop it because it was getting out of hand and people were forgetting what we are really here to do. People were spreading hate and racism and pointing fingers at the wrong people. I’ve even been called a “piece of Korean scum”. I’m not even Korean, but you understand what I’m talking about here. I’m trying to get people to calm down. I did not make SeyrenLK’s facebook page, but I am one of the admins. He also has a blog, but I don’t work there. If Sound Only is correct, I’d like him to link me to where Crypton made that comment. I highly doubt such a comment has been made. I’m also sorry to hear that the Japanese Save Miku was spammed. That was not my intention. My intention was to stop all the fighting and flaming, not to cause more of it.

  • Panda

    @jrharbort: Now, I understand why you made your articles.
    You found wrong site. You can do Google search by typing “save miku” or “save miku wiki” to find official site.
    Now, Korean related spam maybe?? reduced in many site related to Save Miku also. I am hoping so too.
    It may also better to ask, if Mr. SeyrenLK get right information without getting bad translation form Japanese to English. Also, did you get extra text/words from Crypton in the mail other than written this page?

  • @Panda: Yes. Here is the full message:
    “Dear John,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We appreciate your heartfelt and passionate support for Hatsune Miku and friends.

    Regarding SAVE MIKU Movement, the deletion problem has been almost solved and we have nothing to announce so far. We hope you understand.

    Again, thank you for your support and deep understanding.

    Best regards,

    Crypton Future Media

    Crypton Future Media Inc.,
    8F Dunlop-SK Bldg., Odori Nishi 10-Chome
    Chuo-ku, Sapporo
    060-0042 JAPAN
    tel: 81-11-222-6655
    fax: 81-11-222-0707
    web: http://www.crypton.co.jp

    Also, I know about that site as well. I was even a member of this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/338923086140600/. If you want to talk somewhere that’s more private and convenient, I have skype, msn, and a facebook page. If I have your permission, I’ll send you an email with my contact information.

  • Panda

    @jrharbort: Thank you. I see. If you don’t know the background it is very difficult to understand. It is possible to take several meaning if Japanese are used.
    If I briefly saw the Facebook site written in, there is no significant spam related to Korea and other. I may also say, deletion problem maybe almost stable/solved from that site, as a personal opinion. Thus/but, there is nothing to announce officially. This person try to say very politely.
    If a person found other site, it may be different.
    My Personal opinion:I don’t know. this is very difficult writing if this text is re-thought in Japanese sense. No Google info also. It may better to confirm including Mr.SeyrenLK.

  • @Panda: I’ve been seeing the negative comments and insults on the videos themselves. A lot of it happened here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY6CO6FbH40. But it happens on a lot of other videos too. There’s HUNDREDS of reprints of “save miku” videos.

  • Panda

    @jrharbort:2) they even confirmed that the Koreans had nothing to do with it.
    Did you add this comment? or Did Mr.SeyrenLK get special info or his mis-understanding? Can you give me the source?
    Crypton is not telling in the reply.
    Since fails Media Interactive deleted the video related related anti-Korean campaign also, it was difficult to conclude. Do you studying Anti-korean campaign or Do you know that?
    Large number of right winger is doing Korean related campaign, They can do without reason. They are saying that the are trying to make fails reason to expand Korean related campaign. Just wait until they get new interest. They are not Vocaloid fan nor user. They are not related to Save Miku.

  • @Panda: You seem to be mis-understanding me. I’d prefer to talk about this somewhere more private so I can explain it better.

  • Panda

    @ Mr.jrharbort: Ok. No problem. Please think and do whatever comfortable for you. This is your site. (I wonder only us was using comment part without intermission, before.)
    I partly agree with you opinion and your idea.
    Anyway, anti-Korean spam and related comments are one of big problems DEPEND ON Website. Is there any good way to remove them?
    I thought many sites became relatively stable or reduced last 2 months. However, there are several person related to anti-Korean campaign maybe still sticking in each site. What do you think?
    (In addition to that some additional ordinary people using English may be also making response to them.) Such as you shown in YouTube.
    I hope,if wait more longer they may disappear.
    Re-uploading of video by adding “Save Miku” title may causing large problems. However, I found the many of such videos are done close to beginning of Feburary. Thus, it may became already stable. Thus, it may OK to announce initially to stop and delete with him/her self.

  • sutemayarou

    @JRHARBORT: Hi, I’m Sutemayarou from Japan. Do you remember me? I and other Miku fans in Japan were interested in the official announcement from Crypton and one of us sent some e-mail to Crypton to get information.
    The reply from Crypton was not the thing you and I wanted. They said that they will not make any official announcement about this problem because the problem is between the uploader, copyright claimer and Youtube. The information about the message from Crypton is on the Save Miku Wiki. You can see the detail here. http://savemiku.wikia.com/wiki/Case7_mikufan.com
    And we’ve got one more message from Crypton. Crypton is also saying that before discussing the reprinting problem, it is important for the Vocaloid fans to know that Youtube and Nico Nico Douga don’t allow downloading the videos. I think we should work on this problem to make the Vocaloid culture better. If you want to see the whole message from Crypton in Japanese, I will post it anywhere you want.

  • @Sutemayarou: I understand that both Nicovideo and Youtube have policies regarding the downloading/reuploading of material. I also want to make it clear that it was not my intention to stop the “save miku” movement for any selfish reasons. I simply wanted all of the conflict to stop. We were fighting with ourselves, and it was painful for someone like me to watch. All of the false accusations and insults was way out of hand, and it’s not what this community is about. We’re here to help spread and share our love for music. I just want everyone to remember that. Lastly, I do agree that it’s very important to respect the terms of use for each artist. Many artists allow their work to be distributed, but some don’t. You seem like someone that would be helpful to have as a contact, so I’ll send you an email.

  • Panda

    @jrharbort: Hi. So, did you find several pages in correct wiki? Then, do you find the new aim of Save Miku which is totally different from previous one?
    Even, you did not intended to STOP Save Miku Project, other people are also seems spending large amount of time due to your articles (including sutemayarou, @Sound Only and @Hachi).
    Then, are you getting additional info from SeyrenLK?
    I asked question above. If possible, can you answer some?
    [(2) they even confirmed that the Koreans had nothing to do with it.]
    Are you a Adimn of this site/or do you have similar account to erase comment in this site?
    I am wondering that if fails SasaXX may use the name of Sasakawa Ryoichi, a head of previous Japanese Right-winger.
    Did you know that? Thus, I was difficult make conclusion without confirmation.(I also had Korean friend nothing related this movement.)

  • @Panda:
    (1):The rumors of the Koreans being at fault was caused by the TopTens voting incident. So of course it was false blame. I’m partially to blame for that, because I helped Miku get restored to the list when she was removed at rank #22. If I didn’t do that, then she would have never reached rank #1. And she would have never passed the Korean Pop bands.
    (2): I’m not sure what you mean about “additonal info from SeyrenLK”. I have nothing to ask him.
    (3): Yes, I’m an admin for this site, and I can delete comments. But I’m not the owner. I was hired as a writer back in October 2011.
    (4): “I am wondering that if fails SasaXX may use the name of Sasakawa Ryoichi, a head of previous Japanese Right-winger.
    Did you know that? Thus, I was difficult make conclusion without confirmation.”. – I do not understand this question.

  • Panda

    @jrharbort: Hi.I am adding explanation about 4.
    4) The meaning of 4 is here.
    I am wondering that if fails SasaXX (such as 笹X純一)may use/made the nick name similar to Sasakawa Ryoichi (笹川良一).
    In order to mimic him (笹川良一), such as Right-winger activity, fails claimer may use the similar name.
    This is only my personal guess. I can not find the evidence yet.

    Sasakawa Ryoichi (笹川良一). a head/top of previous Japanese Right-winger who already dead.

  • Panda

    @jrharbort: Hi, I am writing some reply.
    1) It seems nice effort regarding Top10 site. I was watching.
    4) Did you able to find the meaning somehow?
    5) >[I simply wanted all of the conflict to stop.] It is very understandable.
    6) Since the reply from Crypton is too short to understand background. Is it possible to tell the summary of your question?
    2) Ii’s in May 14.
    >[2) they even confirmed that the Koreans had nothing to do with it.]
    Since, Crypton was not included in his letter, I wonder who write this comment?
    I wonder if Mr.SeyrenLK has relatively tight information to proof or not.
    In order to make that comment, it may need to check IP to discover by YouTube.
    Otherwise, someone may add in order to calm down others.
    Since false claimer of Media Interactive deleted the video related anti-Korean campaign also, it is difficult to conclude without confirmation.

  • Panda

    Dear Mr. @jrharbort,

    I would like to thank you in advance for kind considerations.

    1) Since you may asking to make a contact relatively more privately, I am sending the several way to discuss including e-mail of info mikufan, PM of Youtube.

    >I’d prefer to talk about this somewhere more private so I can explain it better.

    9) I asked Stema-yarou to visit your Website to help me some. However, he is usually drunk since he is helping us after dinner. I asked him to put other page of our Website to enhance fundamental free communication. as shown bottom of this page.

    20) Media Interactive INC. changed the company name in April.
    New company name:NEO MARKETING INC.

  • Panda

    [Is information from MikuFan.com correct and accurate about Save Miku?]

    (still under construction slowly.)

    Where to visit to say Hi. If your are interested in please stop by and put short comment.

    【Discussion in basic English】【英語初級で雑談&相談】

    【Temporary Japanese Menu】【Wiki 日本語メニュー】 Main Menu of Wiki

    [New Objective+Message] of Save Miku project.
    Idea was released in February. But, it seems not well known in oversea and others.


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