Nov 292013

More Project Diva F 2nd news is inbound thanks to a few recent announcements. Here’s a quick compilation to add to everything we’ve already learned so far. The biggest announcement, of course, is the launch date: March 6th, 2014.

Three new songs were announced for inclusion in F 2nd, along with new modules. These include Karakuri Pierrot by 40mP with the Regret and Marionette modules for Miku, Envy Catwalk by Tohma with the Chat Noir module for Miku, and BREAK IT, BREAK IT! by E.L.V.N with the Blazing module for Meiko.

Two songs from previous games are making a return for a graphical remake, and these are Two-Faced Lovers by Wowaka with the Conflict Module for Miku, and Paradichlorobenzene by OwataP with the Strange Dark module for Len. Interestingly, SEGA seems to have opted for a Cell Shading filter for Two-Faced Lovers to help it better mimic the PV found in Project Diva Arcade.

Also announced are five new game assist and challenge items: Shy Target (slows down notes), Cool Master S (all non-Cool presses will deduct from your life gauge), High Speed (notes will be sped up), Micro Note (on-screen notes become smaller and more difficult to see), and Panic (direction of notes will become randomized).

Lastly, you will now have an option customize the game’s user interface from a selection of available themes, similar to Project Diva Arcade. Four have been revealed thus far, with possibly more to be announced later.

Two different preorder bonuses will be available, depending on if you order the Vita or PS3 version of the game. Preorders for the Vita version will include a PjD F 2nd laundry bag, while the PS3 version will include a similarly styled tote bag.

The game can currently be found for preorder from a few sites, with more options slowly becoming available (Amiami is one example that has both the Vita and PS3 versions). Check out the full set of game images from SEGA’s website, and enjoy the newest promotional video below:

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