Dec 192014

The Snow Miku Sky Town exhibition event started today at New Chitose airport, to the delight of many eagerly awaiting fans. Thanks to them, we have the first photos of some of the event’s attractions. Some of these include the life-sized Snow Miku statue, as well as the special Snow Miku AR stage for Hatsune Miku AhR.

Up first are some photos of the Snow Miku life-sized statue, thanks to @kno2502 and @phaius66 on twitter.

Second, we have photos of the AR stage (thanks to @phaius66), which is designed to be used with Hatsune Miku AhR to trigger a special live performance, and also unlock a special Snow Miku model! To make the performance work, you must launch the app, then go to the “info” page, then tap the “ARモード” button. Give it a few seconds to load, point it at the marker and enjoy!

Hint: Try using the photo to watch the performance on the app!

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