Aug 212014

Snapshot of the Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 in action.

The second revision of the Oculus Rift development kit hasn’t been out long, but the developer CST on Nicovideo already came up with an interesting idea of how to use it. The improved motion sensing of the new dev kit allows for precise head tracking. This allows more realistic interaction within a virtual world, such as sharing a drink with another character.

Combined with the Unity game engine, CST was able to create a program that allows you to enjoy a virtual experience of sharing a drink with Hatsune Miku. “I was always envious of couples sharing drinks, and I was always alone. Now I no longer worry. The future age of sharing straws with Hatsune Miku is here!“, CST commented in the video description.

The demonstration video below features the song “Meteor” by John, and the Tda model edit by Yamamoto. Via Mikustream

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