May 122015

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VOCALOID STORE was an official store operated by third party company “Bplats” under license by Yamaha. The store has been providing services since 2010, and will soon close its Japanese store on May 26th at 17:00 JST.

The English store will remain in operation, however.

It’s advised for customers who have purchased digital contents on VOCALOID STORE to store their installer and serial codes, as they will be inaccessible after the closure.

Following the closure news, Yamaha has recently announced the new Vocaloid store named “VOCALOID SHOP”, hosted on the VOCALOID NET site. The shop currently aims to provide digital downloads for VOCALOID libraries and editors, hosting Job Plugins, and more to come later.

Despite the closure, purchased products via VOCALOID STORE under Yamaha brand will be available at VOCALOID SHOP for free download (non-Yamaha products are in negotiation). The shop is expected to open later this month.

Via Vocaloidism

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